Knife Ranges

Our Range

At Grobler Cutlery all our knives are handmade, but some ranges are custom made for an individual buyer and others are made on a regular basis and sold as they are. This allows us to optimize the time spent on a knife or set of knives to your individual needs and budget. All prices are ballpark prices in ZAR and subject to change

Custom Range

Typically in the Custom Range you approach us specifying the knife or the use you want the knife for, select the materials and show us your hand size and grip preferences, we design the knife and send you drawings and a quote. The price of such a knife generally varies between ZAR2500- ZAR4500. In our custom range you will find kitchen knives, outdoors knives, hunters, defensive utilities and straight razors.

Espresso Range

The espresso range is our way of selling an excellent performer at a non-custom price. We do everything seriously well, except fit and finish… These are for the performance junkies, or the steel fanatics to test out a new steel or heat treat, or simply those people who have a more limited budget, but still want performance. In our Espresso Range you will find Kitchen Knives and Everyday Carry (EDC) Knives and defensive utilities – often the handles are left bare so that clients may wrap handles to suit their own needs. We typically only use more readily available steels, we machine finish and etch the blades and use simplified but strong handle construction. We never compromise on heat treat and edge geometry… we take the same care in the heat treat as we do with full customs. Prices vary from About ZAR1000 – ZAR2500

Expression Range

This is our experimental and personal interest pieces. These knives typically feature techniques or styles that do not have a very well defined or predictable outcome, like for instance knives featuring a hamon and other aesthetic features that is interesting to me. Mostly you will see examples here, but every now and then there will be something for sale. These may be partially completed pieces for which you may have a say in customizing sheaths or other aspects.

Buying from us

If a set of knives are ordered we require a 50% deposit and the final 50%payment once the knives are complete, prior to shipping. If knives are currently in stock you can purchase them immediately for the full amount.


Our price structure is simple, it is materials+consumables+overhead charge+labour charge… Labour charge amounts to about 2/3rds to 3/4ths of the price. We offer no discounts as there is no profit margin on these products where it seems there is a discount it is usually due to time saving when we are able to batch certain processes.


We ship all over the world, but certain types of knives are not accepted for courier delivery and will be shipped with the postal services registered airmail. We will quote separately for shipping to international destinations, but typically it varies between ZAR500 and ZAR2000. Local shipping and packaging costs around ZAR150. Local clients are welcome to collect.